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medical volunteers

Many kinds of experienced healthcare professionals including physicians, physician assistant, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists help Clínica Esperanza provide care.

J-1 Waiver Doctors are also popular health care providers at our clinic, and are especially coveted if they share heritage with our patients. More information.


Medical Students have the unique opportunity to volunteer through our Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University clinic, a faculty-supervised center based at Clínica Esperanza. There, pairs of junior medical students (one first year student, and one second year student) learn to provide quality primary care, build longitudinal relationships with patients, and deepen their skills in cultural and linguistic competence. Student clinic operates several evenings each month.

Physician Assistant Students from Bryant University run special clinics each month specifically for our diabetic patient population. There, students learn how to discuss diabetes and give diabetes-specific care to patients and deepen their cultural and linguistic competence skills. These clinics are overseen by certified PAs.


The clinic has proved beneficial for both the community and medical students. It’s a win-win: while students learn about caring for underserved patients, patients receive high-quality care from engaged student-doctors who want to make a difference in the community.


To become a medical volunteer, please email

For the complete list of Volunteer Provider (MD, PA-C, NP, RN) application materials, please click here.

For more information or if you have further questions, please email

We ask that you refrain from calling the clinic regarding volunteer opportunities or the status of your application.
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