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This is a collection of articles and studies published by Clínica Esperanza/Hope Clinic in various medical journals over the years. This list is updated as articles are published.

"Expanding access to COVID-19 testing, vaccination and treatment at a free clinic for uninsured Spanish-speaking adults in Providence, RI" (2022)
An update to CEHC's previous COVID-19 paper that includes updated testing, vaccine, and test to treat analysis.
Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, November 2022
"Responding to COVID-19 in an Uninsured Hispanic/Latino Community" (2020)
Analysis of CEHC's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
Rhode Island Medical Journal, November 2020
"Four Years of CHEER: Cost and QALY Savings of a Free Nurse-run Walk-in Clinic Serving an Uninsured, Predominantly Spanish-speaking Immigrant Population in Providence" (2019)
More than 2.8M in Quality-Adjusted Life Years Saved by Free Walk-in Care for the uninsured. 
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, January 2019
"Community clinic-based lifestyle change for prevention of metabolic syndrome: Rationale, design and methods of the ‘Vida Sana/healthy life’ program Vida Sana" (2018)
Methods for our program that improves the health of Spanish-speaking, low health literacy patients.
Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, October 2018
"Bridging the [Health Equity] Gap at a Free Clinic for Uninsured Residents of Rhode Island" (2018)
Uninsured patients participating in the CEHC BTG program have 60% fewer emergency room visits as compared to Medicaid patients in Rhode Island for the same period. 
Rhode Island Medical Journal, November 2018
"Barriers to Health Insurance Pre- and Post-Affordable Care Act Implementation in Providence, RI" (2015)
Insurance access is still limited post-ACA adoption.
Rhode Island Medical Journal, December 2015
"Assessment of Hypertension Guidelines Adherence at a Free Clinic Serving a Predominantly Latino Population in Providence, RI" (2014)
Analysis of hypertension care at CEHC.
Rhode Island Medical Journal, March 2014
"Vida Sana: A Lifestyle Intervention for Uninsured, Predominantly Spanish-Speaking Immigrants Improves Metabolic Syndrome Indicators" (2014)

Analysis of results of Vida Sana participants who are Spanish-speaking with low health literacy.

Journal of Community Health, July 2014



"Adherence to American Diabetes Association Guidelines in a Volunteer-run Free Clinic for the Uninsured: Better than Standards Achieved by Clinics for Insured Patients" (2013)

Analysis of diabetes care at CEHC.

Rhode Island Medical Journal, January 2013

"A Nurse-Run Walk-In Clinic: Cost-Effective Alternative to Non-urgent Emergency Department Use by the Uninsured" (2013)

2013 CHEER Clinic analysis.
Journal of Community Health, June 2013
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