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Volunteers make Clínica Esperanza’s free, culturally-attuned health care possible! We are always searching for medical, nursing, social work, and pharmacy students and professionals to help our mission. Non-medical volunteers, especially multilingual and Spanish speakers, are needed and welcomed, and anyone can apply regardless of experience (we will train you in whatever area needs your help most). Volunteer with us and you’ll be joining a team of passionate providers building upon our commitment to thousands of people without insurance. We’d love to have you!

For more information about the available positions, what volunteering at Clínica Esperanza entails, and to become a volunteer, click the links below.


Our clinic is always seeking more people who are committed to delivering healthcare to those who need it most. We require that volunteers make a minimum commitment of one three-hour shift per week.

Please note that all patient-facing, non-medical volunteer roles require Spanish language comprehension and speaking abilities.

For Non-Medical Volunteers
For Medical Volunteers and Providers

Our clinic evaluation programs are ongoing and non­medical volunteers are always needed to help us assess how well we are delivering on our health care objectives.

Many kinds of experienced healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists help Clínica Esperanza provide care.

For volunteer inquiries, please email vcoordinator@aplacetobehealthy.org

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